The GPS log of our hike

We started at the North Kaibab Trailhead at 3 am.  Follow our progress.....

A chronology of our adventure hiking the Grand Canyon from rim to rim.   

Sunrise from the canyon floor near the Pump House Ranger Station and Manzanita Creek. 

6:29 AM

Looking south on the canyon floor.  

6:36 AM

Just starting to get a glimpse of our goal at the south rim...  Still a long way to hike. 

6:41 AM

Another spectacular view, something you just can't see from the rim. 

7:14 AM

A pink rattler, relative to the western diamondback and only found in the Grand Canyon. 

7:24 AM

How spectacular is this? 

7:37 AM

Progressing towards "The Box"  and the Colorado River.

8:22 AM

We're in "The Box", the hottest section of the hike.  Luckily, it's still below 100 degrees when we passed through. 

8:44 AM

Deep inside "The Box". 

9:40 AM

We  finally made it through "The Box" and into Phantom Ranch.  We've hiked  almost 14 miles at this point and It's over 115 degrees. 

10:55 AM

Crossing the Colorado River on the silver bridge. 

11:31 AM

Looking back to the silver (near) and black (far) bridges. 

11:37 AM

The Colorado, looking west (down stream). 

12:01 PM

The Devils Corkscrew.  Yes, it's every bit as steep as it looks.  That's the south rim above it, still a long way to go. 

2:19 PM

View from the top of the Devils Corkscrew, looking back to the north rim. 

2:19 PM

Approaching Indian Gardens, looking back to the North Rim.

2:33 PM

Finally approaching the South Rim after an unexpected and  cold night in the 1.5 mile rest house.

7:46 AM Day 2

Only 1/4 mile to go, we're almost there.  29 hours after we set out from the North Rim...

7:55 AM Day 2